Allen Schezar and Marlene Aston.


Marlene first saw Allen at tournament her uncle invited her to. She was staying in her room for long periods of time, and as a result she was taken to the tournament. It was love at first sight between the both of them. Marlene and Allen had been seeing each other for at least a few months before Marlene became pregnant with Prince Chid. The affair carried on after she married the Duke of Fried, but the romance was made during youth and such it didn't last.

Once in Freid, she fell in love with her husband the Duke and realized that her love for Allen was a juvenile one.  Though the romance ended, Marlene still spoke of her son's father to Chid. Though his true parentage remained a secret. On her death bed, she admitted to the Duke of Freid that she had fallen in love with the Duke instead.