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a red colored Alseides - Dilandau Albatou’s Guymelef

General Edit

Alseides is the primary Zaibach Guymelef of the series, first seen during the invasion of Fanelia. Unlike other Guymelefs, which are essentially handmade, one of a kind pieces, the Alseides is a mass production unit. Several new technologies place the Alseides in a totally different generation from previous Guymelefs. Integral levi-stones allow for limited flight and stealth cloaks earned them the moniker, "Invisible Giants." They are also the first Guymelefs to include cockpit instruments. However the most dramatic change is the integration of liquid metal technology.

There are indications that the liquid metal pervades then machine's entire structure

Weapons Edit

The offensive systems of the Alseides reside entirely in the arms. Both arms carry an identical array of lethal implements. At its simplest, the bulbous forearms are effective clubs, but that is only an attack of last resort. There is a three pronged claw, that folds flush when inactive but snaps out to grasp, rend or impale an unwary foe.

A flamethrower nozzle, mounted in the middle of the five Crima Claw nozzles provides Zaibach forces with anti-personnel and anti-material capabilities as well as a potent terror weapon. However the Crima Claw is the most potent of weapon in the Alseides' arsenal. Five nozzles disgorge liquid metal that is then manipulated and controlled via mechanisms that are still not understood. The liquid metal can be shaped into virtually any solid weapon imaginable. Swords, claws and other blades are common sights. A continuous stream of liquid metal will result in a spear that can be used for ranged attacks. Dilandau launched such an attack at a distance of a mile or more. This material can either be retrieved and reconstituted into new weapons or it may be abandoned on the battlefield.

Trivia Edit

The name of Zaibach’s Guymelefs Alseides comes from the greek nymph (Greek: νύμφη, nymphē) in Greek mythology and in Latin mythology. The Greek word νύμφη has "bride" and "veiled".

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