Amano Susumu
Age 16
Birthday February 16
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Issues None
Love Interest Hitomi Kanzaki
Affiliations Earth
Kingdom None
Height 5'10
Weight 155 lbs
First Appearance Fateful Confession
Voice Miki Shinichiro (Japanese)
Brian Drummond (English)

Amano Susumu is Hitomi Kanzaki's first love. As a national-record-holding sprinter and all-around friendly person, Amano gained popularity among his peers at Kamakura-Kita High School. He plays no small role in Hitomi's decision to join the track team at the high school, and her crush on him manifests itself in front of Hitomi's best friend Yukari as well as Amano himself. However, Hitomi discovers Amano is to leave the country to study abroad, and decides to ask him for her first kiss if she can sprint 100 meters in 13 seconds. The surprising appearance of a dragon and a prince causes Amano to try to grab Hitomi but she is gone and Amano is drawn into the ensuing drama.


  • He looks a lot like Allen Schezar
  • In episode 24, we also discover that they have the same height and weight.

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