Chid Freid is the Prince of Freid and the son and heir of the Duke of Freid.
Chid Freid
Eternal Love 35
Age 8
Father Duke Freid (raised by)

Allen Schezar (biological father)

Mother Marlene Aston
Siblings None
Issues None
Love Interest None
Affiliations Asturia
Kingdom Freid
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
First Appearance The Blue-Eyed Prince


He is a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a green and black tunic with gold trim over a long sleeve white shirt with a metal hat or crown with a flowing piece.

Early LifeEdit

Officially the son and heir of the Duke of Freid, he is really the illegitimate child of Allen Schezar and Marlene Aston. His mother died while he was still very young, and although Marlene would tell him heroic stories of Allen and the Knights of Caeli, he is unaware of his true parentage.