Vision of Escaflowne episode
“City of Intrigue”
Episode no. Episode 6
Original broadcast
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After the successful rescue, Hitomi and Van's party seek refuge in Palas, Allen's home and the capital of Asturia. However, the Zaibach forces and their entreaties to King Aston upstage their entrance. (Zaibach and Asturia have a non-aggression pact.) Folken meets with Van to offer a personal entreaty to join the Zaibach cause. Meanwhile, Dilandau attempts to avenge the grevious facial scar Van inflicted.



  • The VHS and DVD special long version of this episode adds Hitomi's bath scene before she changes into her new dress that was cut in the original broadcast because of time constraints.
  • The invocative song Hitomi discovers on the CD at the bazaar is "My Best Friend" ("Tomodachi"). Not incidentally, it's Hitomi's voice Maaya Sakamoto herself who sings this piece. When asked about the CD's very existence on Gaea, director Kazuki Akane reportedly said, "CDs fly to Gaea [by themselves]."


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