Vision of Escaflowne episode
“Dangerous Wounds”
Van ep14
Episode no. Episode 14
Writer(s) Hiroaki Kitajima
Producer Kazuki Akane
Director Director: Hiroki Kanno
Original broadcast July 02, 1996
Episode chronology
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Red DestinyLost Paradise



In the last battle, Van incurs life-threatening injuries which Hitomi discovers to match Escaflowne's battle damage exactly. Fortunately, Dryden (Millerna's betrothed) appears and uses his knowledge of ancient technologies to summon Escaflowne's original builders. The Ispano repair Escaflowne and in the process, heal the pilot whose blood pact intertwines his fate with the Escaflowne's. Thus restored, Van rushes to mete out vengeance upon the Dragon Slayers, despite the consequences.



  • Dryden initially procured the mermaid Sylphy not as a personal trophy, but to buy her freedom from a sea king who was holding her captive.
    • The words she mouths to Dryden from the waters are "I want to be by your side."
  • The Ispano quote the Escaflowne repair fee in gidaru, the commonly accepted currency on Gaea.


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