Dryden Fassar
Age 25
Birthday May 25 (Yellow 25th Moon)
Father Meiden Fassa
Mother Unnamed
Siblings Unnamed
Issues None
Love Interest Millerna Aston (Wife)
Affiliations Asturia
Kingdom Asturia
Height 6'2"
Weight 140 lbs
First Appearance Dangerous Wounds
Voice Jūrota Kosugi (Japanese)

Michael Dobson (English)

Dryden is the son of one of the oldest – and richest – noble merchant families of Asturia. His father, Meiden, is one of King Aston's most trusted advisors. 

Dryden is mentioned early on in the series when Hitomi first reaches Palas. It is at this point that King Aston reveals (perhaps merely to spite Allen) that he has arranged the betrothal of his daughter, Princess Millerna, to Dryden.

As not much is mentioned of Dryden early on, it is a surprise to discover during his first appearance in Episode 14 (Dangerous Wounds) that he is not at all like his father. While he uses his wealth for frivolous reasons or unusual acts of charity (such as buying a captive mermaid for the sole purpose of setting her free), he is quite interested in the lost city of  Atlantis, as well as Leon Schezar's research, much to Allen's dismay. He quickly warms to the cause of the motley crew, and becomes a instrument in allowing their journey to continue with both his extensive knowledge and wealth.



Dryden Fassa - Character design artwork

Dryden has dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears glasses and has a rather bohemian appearance. His hair is long, wavy and unkempt, tied at the top of his head with a band.

He wears a long brown coat over a white shirt and a second black Hakama (usually worn over a kimono) tied at the waist with a pink and black striped sash, and also a long blue scarf wrapped loosely around his neck. His shoes are fold sandals with socks.

For his wedding to Millerna, he dons a more elaborate ensemble, consisting of formal blue Asturian merchant lord robes with white turn-up cuffs and lapels, worn over a white shirt and a lighter layered, purple and gold brocade waistcoat and blue bloomer pants. He also wears black opera slippers with white socks, and a high-crowned blue hat with an enclosing brim that slants to one side which is decorated with a red feather.

Life on GaeaEdit

"The Atlanteans were people from the Mystic Moon?" - Dryden Fassa



Dryden's Escaflowne movie redesign

  • Dryden first appeared in episode 14 but was talked about in episode 7
  • Dryden's birthday is May 25 making him a Gemini (Astrology)

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