Although people
on Earth cannot see Gaea, people on Gaea see both the Moon and Earth in their nightly expanse. In fact, the people of Gaea refer to Earth as the Mystic Moon, despite the two planets being virtually twins in almost every aspect from dimensions to climates. Occasionally, a pillar of light joins the two, and people and objects travel between them.

Ancient texts recount tales of a civilization that thrived 12,000 years ago on the island-continent Atlantis on Earth. In the present day, schoolgirl Hitomi lives in Japan, also on Earth.

  • Circumference at Equator approximately 40076 km
  • Circumference through North and South Poles approximately 39940 km
  • Density 5.5 times water
  • Surface 510,000,000 km2
  • Volume 1,100,000,000 km3