Eries Aria Aston
Age 21
Birthday March 18
Height 5'6
Weight 114lbs
Voice Amano Yuri(Japanese)

Ellen Kennedy(English)

The second Princess of Asturia, Eries appears to fulfill a more advisory, political role than her other sisters. In addition, Eries does not allow an arranged marriage for herself, unlike her sisters. King Aston appears to respect her more than Millerna, whom he dismisses throughout the series.

Appearance Edit

Eries is a tall, slim woman with long silvery blond hair and blue eyes. She wears gold ear cuffs over the tops of her ears which end in a point, and usually wears form-fitting clothing that taper at the knee in mostly blues and cream colors.

Personality Edit

Eries is the sensible, dutiful sister. She is frequently concerned for the future of her younger sister Millerna, warning her away from Allen Schezar.

Family Matters and Relationships Edit

Although Eries is the eldest living sister, (Marlene died years before the series began), the pressure for royal sucession does not fall to her but to her younger sister Millerna. It is rumored that Eries refuses all marriage prospects due to her unrequited feelings for Allen, although there is no actual evidence to support this.

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