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Vision of Escaflowne episode
“False Vows”
Dryden Millerna ep20
Episode no. Episode 20
Writer(s) Akihiko Inari
Director Takahiro Komori
Original broadcast August 13, 1996
Episode chronology
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Operation Golden Rule of LoveReaction of Fortune



With her upcoming marriage to Dryden on her mind, Millerna asks Hitomi for a tarot reading on its outcome. Hitomi reads a prediction of misfortune and disaster, but decides to tell Millerna a prediction of happy fortune instead. She hopes her thoughts and faith alone would be enough to change fate and reverse the prediction. Her hope is shattered by the entrance of fortune-enhanced soldiers Naria and Eriya at the wedding.



Videos Edit

The Vision Of Escaflowne – Official Clip – Reading – Ep 20 Funimation dub False Vows03:24

The Vision Of Escaflowne – Official Clip – Reading – Ep 20 Funimation dub False Vows


  • Director Kazuki Akane calls Eriya and Naria's style of fighting "nyan-nyan kempou." (Nyan-nyan is Japanese for a cat's "meow-meow," and kempou is Japanese for kung-fu.)

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