Although its legendary god of protection is a fabled Ispano Guymelef, Fanelia is considered a otherwise unremarkable country of farmers and townspeople. However, the Guymelef captures the attention of the Zaibach emperor Dornkirk, and an encounter between Fanelia's young king-to-be Van and a girl from the Mystic Moon bring this country into the forefront of events affecting the entire world.
Fanelia flag

Fanelian Flag

  • Spirituality Flying Dragon Worship
  • Location South of Zaibach, north of Freid, adjacent to Asturia
  • Capital Fanelia Castle
  • Goverment Kingdom
  • Head of State Van Fanel
  • Economy Agrarian

The models for Fanelia on Earth are Asian countries, particularly Meiji-era Japan. The motif of its crest represents the stylized head of a flying dragon.

People Edit

Individuals who are from or have sworn allegiance to Fanelia include: