Fateful Confession (La Torre) is the first episode in the Vision of Escaflowne series.


Kanzaki Hitomi is a normal girl. She runs on the track team, is late for practice as usual, has a crush on the team captain, Amano Susumu, and she can read fortunes using her tarot cards.

Today, during a time trial in the 100m dash, she has a vision of a strange young man with a sword and strange looking armour. She runs into the apparition, and falls into a dream of burning battlefields with large mechanical fighters, and an initiation ceremony of some sort. She awakes to find herself in a nurse's room with the track team captain. She and Amano count the seconds with the pendant she wears around her neck, which leads to an intimate moment interrupted by her best friend Yukari Uchida.

Yukari and Hitomi walk home, and along the way, Yukari breaks the news that Amano is rumoured to be leaving the country before the prefectural track meet. Yukari urges Hitomi to do a reading on her relationship. Hitomi sees a future of separation, and asks Amano to time her at the 100: If she can beat the 13 second barrier in her running, she would like him to give her her first kiss.

That evening, Amano and Yukari meet Hitomi at the track, when the young man she saw in her vision appears again. Hitomi runs into him, and instead of falling into a dream, bounces off the young man in the flesh and blood. She talks to the young man, though her friends cannot understand his gibberish. Hitomi learns that his name is Van Fanel. Van claims that he is fighting a dragon, and sure enough, a large land dragon appears. Hitomi, Amano and Yukari run off to a shrine in the mountains, and the dragon follows them, with Van in close pursuit. Hitomi, Amano and Yukari watch the fight from the shrine, when Hitomi has a vision of the dragon piercing Van with his tail, killing him. Hitomi runs to his aid, where he narrowly averts death, slicing the beast through its belly and killing it. Van opens its chest, taking out what looks like a stone heart, and the dragon falls to dust, blowing off in the wind. Van and Hitomi have an argument when the dragon's heart, called an energist, glows, activating a pillar of light that lifts Hitomi and Van into the sky.

Van and Hitomi reappear on a strange world, where the earth sits in the sky. They stand in a field, and are surrounded by beasts. Hitomi realizes that her fortune of separation is not because of Amano moving, but due to her leaving earth.