Hitomi Kanzaki and Allen Schezar start a relationship early on after her arrival in Gaea.

The two first meet when Allen saves her from the Mole Man who
tries to rob her. At first sight, she thought he was Amano Susumu. Afterward, Allen takes Hitomi and Van Fanel to his castle, where he looks after her. She starts to develop a crush on him, since he reminds her of home and her first love Amano. She becomes infatuated with him, and her infatuation makes her slightly oblivious to his passes.

When they arrive in Palas, she meets Princess Millerna Aston who is also in love with Allen. This makes Hitomi very jealous of their close relationship, until she finds out that Millerna is engaged to be married to another. Over time it appears that Allen had begun to return Hitomi's feelings, but by then it was too late. While she had a crush on Allen, her relationship with Van developed much further and eventually replaced him in her affections. The two part on peaceful terms.