Hitomi Kanzaki and Amano Susumu

Hitomi's first crush during her life as a normal girl in high school. It is implied that she has had a long time crush on Amano, as did her best friend. Amano is the captain of the track team, and works very hard to be the best on his team. At the beginning of the series, Amano is leaving to study abroad and has yet to tell the news to Hitomi. During track practice, Hitomi runs to the best of her ability to complete the goal of 13 seconds, but sees a vision of Van before she meets him and passes out. Later, when Amano visits Hitomi in the sick bay, she tells him about her grandmother's pendant and how it keeps perfect time. Afterward, Hitomi hears the news from her best friend about Amano's departure. The day of his departure, Hitomi asks Amano to agree to a promise, that if she can clear the 13 seconds mark, he will give her first kiss. When Hitomi begins to run as Amano begins to swing the pendant, Van and a dragon appear, ruining her chance at a first kiss with Amano. Amano is very brave and stands up for Hitomi when Van is rude to her during their first meeting. After Hitomi disappears with Van, Amano continues to search for her, along with her best friend. In episode 8, he paged her beeper before a banquet at his school.