Age Unknown
Affiliations Zaibach
Kingdom Zaibach
First Appearance The Black Winged Angel


"It's all right! It's all right to change back to Celena! Back to that gentle Celena!" - Jajuka
Jajuka is a Zaibach soldier and companion of Dilandau Albatou. Despite Jajuka only appearing much later in the series (episode 22), he plays a very significant role. Perhaps Dilandau’s only true friend on the side of Zaibach, Jajuka has always looked over him and made sure no harm came to Dilandau. As a child, Jajuka always saw to Dilandau never being sad or upset, never being hurt or in pain, and the two immediately became extremely close. After Dilandau lost all of his Dragon Slayer soldiers, Jajuka became his only subordinate, and a very skilled one at that; he pilots one of the two Oreades Guymelef suits, the other pilot of the two being Dilandau, and is among one of the finest Guymelef pilots in Gaea. Although Jajuka does serve the evil Zaibach Empire, he does so only to ensue to safety of Dilandau, and would rather this pointless war ended immediately. When serving under Dilandau, Jajuka makes sure that the mysteries of his past are unlocked, which results in many of the mysteries within Escaflowne to be revealed.