Vision of Escaflowne episode
“Lost Paradise”
Episode no. Episode 15
Writer(s) Ryohta Yamaguchi
Director Takahiro Komori
Original broadcast July 09, 1996
Episode chronology
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Dangerous WoundsThe Guided Ones



Van is enveloped into the world of the dead, and Hitomi goes to retrieve him -- but not before envisioning the destruction of Atlantis. The previous battle's trauma disorients Dilandau as well, so Folken sends out Naria and Eriya (the intensely loyal leopard girl twins who directly answer to him) to continue the mission of capturing the Escaflowne.



  • Leon (the author of the book Dryden is reading) wanted to ensure his journal remained secret, so he used Earth's Latin to code everything.
    • Dryden was able to read it because of his experience with antique books.
    • According to the director Kazuki Akane, the production actually wrote the cover's title in English using Gaean characters. In fact, the staff toyed with having Hitomi exclaiming that the journal is in English and apologizing for not being able to read long English compositions, but the staff decided to cut this out


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