The eldest Princess of Astoria and Duchess of Freid.

Marlene Erisha Aston
Age Early 20's (Deceased)
Height 5'7
Weight 115 lbs
Voice Lisa Anne Beley (English)

Sakurako Kishiro (Japanese)

Appearance Edit

She has long blond hair and blue eyes, and is often seen wearing pink gowns along with white gloves and a headpiece that goes across her forehead.

History Edit

Marlene was the eldest daughter of King Grava Aston and Therese Aston. During a day when her family decided that she spent too much time alone, she accompanied her uncle to a fencing tournament where she meets a young Allen Schezar, soon after the pair quickly fall into a secret romance. She continued the affair with him even though she was to be married to Duke Freid.

During the series we are shown that she had a close relationship with her youngest sister Princess Millerna, but no connection has been shown between her and Princess Eries.

Once in Freid, she fell in love with her husband the Duke and realized that her love for Allen was a juvenile one. She died soon after giving birth to her only son, Chid Freid, whose biological father is in fact Allen.

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