Miguel Lavariel
Labariel migel
Age 20s
Affiliations Zaibach

The Dragon Slayers

Kingdom Zaibach
First Appearance The Gallant Swordsman


Miguel is one of 15 young boys selected to join the ranks of Zaibach's Dragon Slayers, an elite squad of Guymelef pilots. He was captured by Freid after his guymelef was damaged during a failed ambush on Escaflowne, and was imprisoned for questioning.

Dilandau declares his confidence in Miguel, stating "We have nothing to worry about. Miguel is one of my men; he would sooner die than talk." But Folken has intelligence that Freid is bringing in Plaktu, a monk specializing in hypnosis, to interrogate Miguel. In an attempt to prevent Plaktu from reaching Miguel, Folken sends Zongi (a doppelganger) to assassinate Plaktu and take his place.

Zongi does so, successfully, and hypnotizes Miguel into (falsely) identifying Allen Schezar and Van Fanel as traitors conspiring to overthrow the Freid monarchy.

Zongi frees Miguel from his cell in the chaos that follows, and Miguel locates his guymelef. However, rather than making a swift and clean escape, Miguel chooses to stealth cloak and attack Escaflowne, believing that if he destroys Van Fanel Dilandau will forgive him for having been captured. Van senses his attacks, however, and destroys Miguel's guymelef. Miguel's leg is injured in the process, but he manages to escape the scene and hide.

Zongi, at this point, decides on his own that Miguel is too much of a liability to be allowed to live, and strangles him to death in the shadows of his hiding place.

Miguel is the first of the fifteen Dragonslayers to die. He is also the only one (other than Dilandau) to have a confirmed last name.