Millerna Sara Aston
Eternal Love 32
Age 17
Birthday April 24
Father King Grava Aston
Mother Queen Therese Aston
Siblings Princess Marlene

Princess Eries

Issues Chid Freid (Nephew)
Love Interest Dryden Fassa (Married)

Allen Schezar

Affiliations Asturia
Kingdom Asturia
Height 5'6
Weight 110 lbs
First Appearance Unexpected Partings
Voice Mayumi Iizuka (Japanese)

Venus Terzo (English)

Millerna Sarah Aston is the third Princess of Asturia, betrothed to the son of a rich merchant, Dryden Fassa, and daughter of Grava Aston and Therese Aston. Naive and impulsive, she rebels against the expectations of her duties as a princess. Against her family's approval, she trains as a doctor, and refuses the political marriage that her father has arranged for her.


Millerna is the spitting image of her eldest sister Marlene. She has long blonde hair and blue-violet eyes, and she is often seen wearing gowns similar to those seen in the flashbacks of her sister Marlene.

After leaving Astoria she changes her clothes to a dark blue-green cloak while leaving in the company of the Mole Man. Later she  wears black leggings and flat shoes, with her hair tied back with a ribbon.

As her appearance changes, she becomes more mature and practical.

Life on GaeaEdit

"You don't understand, I love Allen!" — Millerna Aston

Millerna being the third Princess of Asturia has lived in the lap of luxury. Having an early infatuation with the Knight Caeli Allen Schezar she sees him as the love of her life. She continues to pursue him despite her betrothal and Allen's frequent half-hearted rebuttals.