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Vision of Escaflowne episode
“Storm Premonition”
Episode no. Episode 23
Writer(s) Akihiko Inari
Director Hiroyuki Takeuchi
Original broadcast September 03, 1996
Episode chronology
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The Black Winged AngelFateful Decision



Asturia and its neighboring countries agree to unite their forces against Zaibach and prepare for war. Folken joins the allied effort against Zaibach and lends his expertise and knowledge, despite Van's doubt and lingering resentment. Also, Dilandau at last returns to strike preemptively on the assembled forces at Rampant Port and fight Van again.



  • The attack earlier by the Teiring guymelefs injured many and made still more homeless. Hitomi and company are assisting at one of the churches where these people are seeking refuge and shelter.
  • Dilandau later attacks the Rampart Port of Asturia from Direito, a stealth-system-equipped fortress in the same class as the Vione. Allen and Van defend the port under the command of General Furasu of Asturia.


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