Vision of Escaflowne episode
“The Diabolical Adonis”
Episode no. Episode 4
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Hitomi drops to her knees with a scared look on her face. Allen gets out of his Guymelef and asks Hitomi what is going on. She tells him that they will be attacked by the invisible giants that destroyed Fanelia. Then a horseman arrive and says that they caught a prisoner. It turns out that the prisoner was Merle. Van cuts her loose and asks her what happened to Fanelia and she tells him that it was burnt to the ground. Hitomi gets another vision while Merle explains more about what happened to Fanelia. After the vision, Hitomi faints and was caught by Allen. He feels her forehead and finds out that she has a fever.

A conversation between the emperor and Folken begins and the emperor tells him to capture the dragon. Then Dilandau leaves and says that he will get the dragon. Folken reminded him that Zaibach and Asturia are allies and Dilandau said that they will leave no person alive and besides they have stealth cloaks.

Hitomi wakes up and sees Allen. She asks Allen about his mom and he tells her that she was beautiful and loved flowers. One day Allen's sister disappeared and his mother wasted away until she died Meanwhile, Van takes care of Merle and sees a seed. He takes it out and went to the mole man to ask him about glar leaves. Mole man shows him the leaves and Van takes it. It turns out that this leaf will neutralize poison found in the seeds.

Allen prepares their defense. Gaddes asks him if he believes all the things that Hitomi said but he replied that he doesn't like the look on Dilandau's eyes. He orders Gaddes to prepare the Crusade.

In his Guymelef, Dilandau laughs and prepares to attack.

Hitomi and Merle are left alone in a room and both stare at each other. They then exchange unpleasantries until Hitomi sees another vision. She opens her eyes and sees the moleman and Van come in. Van applies ointment that came from the glar leaves to Merle. And then Van comes over to Hitomi and applies it to her as well. Hitomi experiences another vision and its about the arrival of the giants.

Outside, the attack begins and Allen goes to his Guymelef. The people defending the castle fight but were easily killed by Dilandau's guymelef. Allen sees Van arrive and Van asks Allen the whereabouts of Escaflowne. Allen says that its been loaded in the Crusade. Allen then says that they will retreat but Van disagrees. He says that he won't run away but Allen convinced him to go along with his plan. In the crusade, Gaddes orders them to set sail.

Dilandau rejoices over what he's done but Falken says it's foolish. He says that they'll probably escape using the waterfall. Then Dilandau used his guymelef's flight mode to catch up to the Crusade. They attacked and Van decides to leave with Escaflowne. He used Escaflowne's dragon mode to lure the enemies away from the Crusade.



  • The plant that afflicts with Merle and Hitomi with the high fevers is the ferips. The medicinal plant Van receives from the Mole Man to alleviate the sickness is gurar.


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