Vision of Escaflowne episode
“The Gravity of Destiny”
Episode no. Episode 18
Writer(s) Akihiko Inari
Director Takuroh Shinbo & Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Original broadcast July 30, 1996
Episode chronology
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The Edge of the WorldOperation Golden Rule of Love



After Van receives a new Energist from his mother, Hitomi, Allen, and Van tranport to Emperor Dornkirk's fortress when Dornkirk attempts to activate his Fate Alteration Engine. Dornkirk explains to the disbelieving trio his apparently well-intentioned motives for all of Zaibach's actions.



  • Look closely inside the military laboratory where the Magicians (Madoushi) examine the Escaflowne. Among the other items on display for examination are Terran fighters and warships -- those that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.


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