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All years are listed relative to the Gaea War. Please note that time on Gaea does not necessarily pass at the same rate as on Earth.

    * Over 10,000 years ago
          o Atlantis thrives as a civilization.
    * 12,000 years ago
          o Atlantis destroyed
    * New Galactic Era
          o 13th Moon The descendants of Atlanteans inscribe a black monument in the ruins of Atlantis
    * 10,000 years ago
          o The first king rules over Fanelia
    * 17th century
          o Isaac lives on Earth as a scientist.
    * 200+ years ago
          o Isaac passes away.
    * 200 years ago
          o Dornkirk appears in Gaea and begins ruling the Zaibach empire
    * 72 years ago
          o Asona born
    * 70 years ago
          o Balgus born
    * 65 years ago
          o Hurisen/Yurizen born
    * 60 years ago
          o Goau Fanel born and Luva born
    * 45 years ago
          o The Mole Man born
    * 30 years ago
          o Goau Fanel and Varie Fanel meet
    * 25 years ago
          o Purple, 17th Moon Folken Fanel born
    * 23 years ago
          o Gaddes born
    * 21 years ago
          o Eries Aston born
          o Jajuka born Yellow, 25th Moon
          o Dryden Fassa born
          o Blue, 3rd Moon Allen Schezar born
    * 17 years ago
          o Amano Susumu born
    * 15 years ago
          o Yukari Uchida born.
          o White, 12th Moon Van Fanel born.
          o Green, 24th Moon Millerna Aston born.
          o Red, 8th Moon Celena Schezar born.
          o December 9 Hitomi Kanzaki born.
    * 13 years ago
          o Orange, 30th Moon Merle born.
    * 12 years ago
          o Goau Fanel passs away.
    * 10 years ago
          o Folken Fanel disappears during dragon-slaying ritual.
          o Varie Fanell disappears looking for Folken.
          o Leon Schezar travels to the dark continent Asgard.
          o Leon Schezar meets Isaac while searching for the Mystic Valley.
          o Isaac disappears from Leon Schezar's view in a thick fog on Asgard.
          o Celena Schezar disappears.
    * 6 years ago
          o Marlene Aston goes to Freid
    * 5 years ago
          o Dryden Fassa embarks on a merchantile expedition.
          o Chid Freid born.
    * 3 years ago
          o Marlene Aston passes away.
    * Less than a year ago
          o Hitomi Kanzaki, Amano, and Yukari Uchida participate in the spring prefectural track meet.
    * Current
          o Gaea War, Hitomi Kanzaki is transported to the world of Gaea with Van Fanel.
    * 1 year later
          o Hitomi Kanzaki becomes a second-year high school student.
          o While waiting for a train, Hitomi sees a vision of Van.

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